Reviews for "Ghosts of the past"

Quite evocative.

I came across this theme in the intro of the Mega Man X RPG game, and although I'm a huge fan of the original Mega Man saga music, this one stood head and shoulders above the other themes.

How great a mood you set right from the beginning, with the needle-on-a-record crackling. The music box melody is so well done, it is indeed ideal for a "flashback" setting. It even "winds down" at the end. The orchestral piano and organ accompaniment adds a nice haunted house, Castlevania feel. This is the best mood piece I've witnessed in my time on NewGrounds. Every element is spot-on, the sum of which makes for a perfect background storytelling/old memories theme.

Whoever downvoted LordofFlame's review 8 or so down from here is insane! He described the setting this song takes you better than I could have... a child hovering over a music box in a dusty old house, both of which dissolve into thin air when the song ends. What an eloquent way to describe this piece; I agree wholeheartedly. I'm going to upvote that review as many times as it takes to get back positive ^_^

What a wonderful piece you've crated. I don't review much music on NewGrounds, but this one moved me to do so. Bravo.

Darknez101 responds:

I did put a lot of thought into this peice and it is one of my favorites, hopefully I can produce more like this, though I want to do something different as this peice does seem to stand out as a rarity

Thanks for your thoughtful comments


I think that you should make more of this kind of music and if you do don't make LOTS of it caz it will take away the rareness of it's kind.


man this is one of those things I ve been searching since a lot of tiiiiiiime!!
and the organ, makes it more serious

Creepy, But peaceful

Make more please :3

Darknez101 responds:

Watch this space =) (But not literally..)