Reviews for "Ghosts of the past"


I love the solo music box at the start, it sets the atmosphere for the rest of the song perfectly!

It starts simple, someone opens a music box in a dusty backroom. Slowly they remember something they forgot many years ago, a bad memory, they can't stop thinking about it.

...But it is just a memory, and just a music box in the dusty room...

Darknez101 responds:

An interesting take on it, Glad you like it :)


I totally love this!!! I think I just sat here an hour...listening to it over and over!!! XD Nice Job!!!!! :)

Darknez101 responds:

Glad you like it, I'd have gone mad listening to it for that long xD

No....... NO

THE ZOMBIES NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Hehehe wow Well blow me down. great song

You know.....

I wonder if this would be useful in an anime...Just my opinion but whatever. This song is great!Actually lives up to its name. Perfect for a creepy scene or someone special to you has died or maybe your just reminiscing the past.........

Darknez101 responds:

Your actually spot on, This peice was made shortly after we had a death in the family and I was reflecting on their life, they also had a music box which gave me the inspiration :) Thanks for the review


this sounds like those korean horror movies great song for halloween.