Reviews for "Evil Clown Nightmare"


The Fuck.

Random noises and a way too fast, rather filthy sounding kick, getting in the best of all time.

Newgrounds is a strange community indeed.

This is the best madness theme ive ever heard!

:D It is so awesome even if its looping.


its good and sounds like clowns theme song in madness


it sounds cool, but in my opinion, the best part of the song was from 00:13 to 00:30. You know, when the heavy sound in the back is going all cooooool sounding. If the song built up to that in the beginning, and then the rest of the song had that, or at least most of it did, I would really like this song. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me or not, but like I said, it's just my opinion.

See you later!


Kinda sounds like the one from Madness! Make it longer! =D