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Reviews for "Soundslayer"


This is really cool. Nice guitar part. It always comes in at just the right time.

Wow. Just wow.

This is exactly the kind of song which is like pure goodness for my soul. I just love the synthesized electric guitar, like in 'Infernoplex' and 'Operation: Evolution' by Dimrain47.


This tune is perfect. I'm a big fan of guitar-ish instruments in trance or techno songs. So this gets the perfect-ten!

Keep it up!

Whoop Whoop!


Truly, tis song is a great song! it gets deep, i like this type of creativity, KEEP this kinda stuff up man! (tell u the truth i don't really like ur belittlment r&b song *thats me though) cause i like to hear a fast paced layered sound with lots O changes... not so much a kind of "walking down the hallway corridor building up to something that never comes" aka not very exciting- but it works for a good futuristic game like peep's said

srry, i kinda left two reviews, so ill score the Bilittlement a 8 while this song is a kickin my ass 10! hehe

NemesisTheory responds:

I'm glad you like this one, although I'm not a big fan of it myself - sort of like an experimentation with the new guitar-ish instrument. :) Could've been a lot worse, I suppose. ;D

And yeah, Belittlement is OK I guess, I haven't tried that much R&B yet and it certainly doesn't cater to everyone. ;D I get what you mean, though.

Thanks for both reviews, lol. :p


i like it its not an very "active" song but it sounds nice! keep up the good work!

- t3h assasin-