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Reviews for "Computer Talk"

Pretty Cool

Damn This is a Nice clean Techno Song, keep up the good work, especially awesome for someone who's 13!


I just recently started to listen to the music here at ng and your song is one of my firsts. First off, I really liked this song; but I think I liked it even more when I looked at your profile. Are you really 13? If so, I give you mad props on taking simple ideas and making an awesome song with them.

Sonic-rules321 responds:

Thank you! And yes, I am really 13!


it reminds me of an old nintendo game ninja gadain i think i was but oh well it was a cool game and this is a cool song

Nicely done!

This song has some some great elements and you stuck them together very well. Alot of people might take off points for the drum beat. but i get that all the time, so i wont. However, i got kinda bored after a while, i think it might have been the drawn out synths and basslines. They were simple and very cool, but they just went on and on. this could easily be shortened. Other than that,i really liked the intro! that was awesome! nice work.

The only one so far I would listen to again

Of six downloads, this was the only one that was worth it.