Reviews for "Starfox Corneria Metalized (2)"


I think the Metal genre puts a unique spin on the normally techno remixes on Corneria and because this sounds so good I just experienced and Eargasm


my head just exploded due to the power of rock you just bestowed upon my ears.

GoreBastard responds:

haha, thanks man!


Hey gorebastard you ever read this i need to tell you something dont stop doing what you do you kick some serious ass at this shit you do and let no one tell you differently ,ROCK TILL YOU DIE.

GoreBastard responds:

Hey, thanks for the awesome words pal!



You sure know your stuff GoreBastard. \m/

OMG; im ganna die....

geeez, im going to die from this...

ITS SO AMAZING! it definitely has more potential than the original Starfox soundtracks. this sound be like an intro or maybe even Wolf's new theme during a mission to the next starfox game. its calm and yet intense all at once; my fav part is when the Intercom says "In Coming Enemy"

just one point off however, some areas dont sound like the starfox series at all, but excluding htat matter perfect!