Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"

It was good

it was a good episode, but I can't help notice that some of the aspect look to be from dragonballz. Things such as the energy blasts. But other than that it was really well done. Good work!

arrogancy responds:

I was inspired somewhat by the end of the Yu Yu Hakusho series, actually.


voice acting was so-so but your animation is so kickass it doesnt matter


show some boobs well i might sound like a pervert but actually i had a kick ass time today


This is was a great flash. You have excellent drawing skills and nice tweens for the camera moves. Some things you may want to add in the future: eye blinks and breathing for characters like after a fight. Overall...a great flash. Keep it up and goodluck on chapter 5. I hope this gets front page and in the top 50.

That was awsome

Now thats a show I wouldn't mind watching daily ^_^