Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"

lots of action!

Cool same with the other guy I did not like the voice of Arrogancy at first but I learned to. It was better grafics then the first ones. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!. I like the girl's voice too. The new guy is one of THEM also huh? Well I'm looking forward to see the next one oh and please do not put any CRUDE picks in it like the last eposode!


I didn't really like the main dude's voice (sorry, my memory isn't too great, Arrogancy, right? o.o;) but after watching this a couple times I started to like it... Anyway, this is really cool, and well made. ^^ Who's the new guy? Well, I guess we'll find out next chapter or episode, right? Heheh... I'll shut up now... But this was cool!

my top score ever

*clap clap clap* well done, your the first person ive voted 10 on....ever,

1)i love the robot exsploading sound and the black energy ball sound, please tell me where you got it from!!!!!!!!


I LOVE this series! Its sp...cool....i love the begining and everything! PLEASE MAKE MORE!


this has to be the best action series on NG, Good job!! ^^