Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"

well well well, i guess i have a pentagon computer

your artstyle pretty much matches my own (mine has more of a sketch/comicbook feel to it) your animation (especially for flash) is great, i like the voices actually, and beeku is hilarious, and a nice touch...to finish it off, i cannot wait until the arrogancy game is done (even tho youre prolly still jobless as you commented on of these here movies) great job and definitely, definitely keep it up

I want more

It's been four chapters already. It's time you change the voice actors. They are taking a very well-done work down to the dumps.
The graphics are excellent as always, but it's too obvious the series has been influenced a lot by DB and the like. Broaden your horizons. It's anime, anything goes.

Oh, and that green, round thing is the ugliest-cutest most stupidest thing (next to pikachu) I've ever seen.

This series keeps getting better

This was a nice episode of the series

oh...god....the voice work

Like the last guy said, It has really, REALLY, bad voice actors. The dialogue is kinda..uh...reused anime lines. But I watched this series in the wrong order. I saw episode one then went back to the prequel chapters, and I thought that episode was very well done.
anyway, enough about the audio. Animation was very good. Yu-yu hakusho/Dragonball z in comparison. but all action anime is kinda like that. the story is good too, kinda like a few other shows i've seen but i gotta give you props for makin an enjoyable thing to watch.
good job.

pretty great

Definatly had a Yu-yu-Hakuso feel to it, (or however you spell it) my main gripe is the voice work, its really, like, not good, some of the dialogue is pretty lame to, just kinda sounds not natural, er un-natural, or whatever, maby use more contracions? heh, (will not =won't) but anywho, it was pretty cool,