Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"


The improvement from the first chapter to this is just incredible. The voiceacting is so much better it's unbelievable. Even the graphics were better, wich already were great! You are amazing ;)

Great work on this chapter!

worst 1 so far

the past few other than the wussy version have been great but this 1 had BAAADDD VOOOOIIICCCEEE AACCTTIINNGG!!! in the house his voice was hollow and echoy but it got better so not so bad but it bothered me


Love it!
Thumbs up ad a 5!


That was great! No wait it wasn't...it was awesome! I have only one problem, it is like late August and it appears you have completely ceased to continue this series. Your work is damn near perfect yet right when the climax is probably at its best you suddenly stop making more and leave us fans hanging. If you are out there reading this, please don't give up on the Arrogancy Series!

ur best one yet by far

beeku was fucking hilarious. he is now my favorite character on this series so far. that aside jus like to add that i like arrogancys old voice better. but great work u improved so much since the first