Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"


when will the next be out and i do read the author comment


This movie seems much better then the past movies of the series. I'm not really sure but it seems like you've gotten a lot better? Or maybe you tried harder? Whatever it is , I'd say it was really well done. These movies were made many years ago...I wonder how much you've improved now? I wish I was this good lol

Keep up the great work.


I really can stand to hear arrogancy talk though. Sorry, the rest was awesome good action good plot, it's all there. But the guy sounds like a pimp. If I close my eyes and listen to it, the first image that comes up is a black, purple wearing, feathered hat pimp with golden teeth and a cane. And it just doesn't fit him. The girls voice was kinda...weird too, but not really bad.
The pimp voice just makes me wanna turn the sound off, sorry. The rest is good.

(Note: I'm not racist :D)

Awesome! I like the animation

Though it seems the team died because the sites down and some other things... Well anyway I like the way your animation gets better with each episode like with Master Samus on Killing Spree but some things kept bothering me.. The story line is a bit off becaus : He just met some one like him that did not explane wth is the story and his allready turning teams? Seems sort of weird oh and how could we forget the explane what are you gonna do it right before the performence deal... This is an off in so many other series - Why the hell would the retrievers wait for him to mention the goofy face deal and the bragging? Just launch at him!
Or take a rifle if it seems that the agent is a traiter..But if they didnt get the permission to do that then they would normaly wouldnt wait for him to finish his bragging and would take him down. Overall I like the serie though the name is weird but heck its your idea+ animation ^^

worthy of praise

amazing flash series. I had to spend a while looking for it after i remembered it being a really good flash series. any idea when the next ones will be coming