Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"


I guess it's okay I wonder if thats the guy from the very first one?

A few steps up! But one step back...

The animations and art were several steps up, but the voices echoed to much! Other than that this is the best entry into the series yet! I look foward to the next one!


But the voices were really fudged up so i give it a 7.


it is true!he does sound like a pimp!o.0


Good, and by the way I am fairly certain everyone reads the author comments, especially when you say we dont.

I am still going to say that voice acting could be better. Face it, it is what the series had been lacking all along. It sounds as if those doing the voice acting were making fun of their own voices! If that makes any sense. I hope you understand what I am saying though.

However, I do agree this one seems better than the rest, so I congragulate you.