Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"


culda been bettr

Good job

Obviously, if you guys WHEN this was submitted.....it was 5 years ago. So the site is long gone by now.

Significantly better than its predecessors.

I really like Icie Wilson's voice.
Just wanted to say that, although a little corny, a huge step up from the first three chapters of the prologue. Beeku's the perfect touch of humour, and they're all pretty darn awesome.
As you've doubtless been informed, your website isn't working anymore, though I'd definitely check it out if it was.
Nicely done.



this rocks. everything is the best. only one thing.... umm... i think your website got deleted... it puts up a wierd, what u want when u want it site thats not it. i also googled it. wats goin on?

other than that, really good man


great animation, good cap off tothe prologue