Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter 4"

Hands down!

One of the bad ass anime episodes ever. I love these series maman. But you shouldn't make Arrogancy talk a lot. It doesn't fit him. Not for a robot. And I don't really like his voice. No offense if it was YOUR voice. You should have made his voice sound like the one in the AROGGANCY: CHAPTER 1. It suits him. Great submission. And the "assassin" is very hot now.


I love these series man! You actually made improvements man! He actually looks good with the small beard now! You have to send me a picture of him so I could put it on my profile. He actually looks like me. And the assassin looks hot now. I just have one question, whered she get the gloves? The fighting animation is better than the XIN SESSION series. A lot better. And the guy that appeared at the end, no doubt about it, he looks like a girl. No offense man.


great things are in your future if you make more of these!i watched all of them and there my favourite series on ng!i liked chaper 1 and this best,but my only comment is to make sure you make the voices a little better but other than that perfection!all ng users will love this one if there a fan of the others!


I liked it alot, it dragged at times where you did slow shots of places and people---and...sorry, not to sound harsh, but you need new voices for your characters..............none of them sounded like the character looked like they should sound and they had NO emotion.....but other than that i LOVED it


Great. Really. Good voices, wonderful animation, a good story, too. Nothing to say, only Wonderful!!