Reviews for "Legalize!"


HELL YEAH, LEGALIZE! Nice salesman subliminal messaging :p "legalize marijuana" numnum :) nice vocals. Nicely put together aswell, it's got the springy beat. At 1:34, when it says, 'legalize it' it's so SPONTANEOUS, I appreciate it. Love the laughing at the end, makes me want to laugh aswell. Wonderful.

Decent song with a good message. Some problems...

Alright, the music is good, the lyrics are good and the message is good. One problem....I don't understand the need of the singer to add an -ay -ay -ay to the end of each line. It's a little annoying and detracts from what is otherwise a great song.

Overall, it's enjoyable.


To Theunseen08! Noone is better than blink182! NOONE!
But I do think this band rock hxc.


this song is ok ay ay. 4/5 9/10


this is one great song and the vocals man they make u freakin happy