Reviews for "Legalize!"

this song,

was number 1 in ska last time i was on here, so dissopointed its not now D:

thirty-six responds:


This was great!

I loved it.


This song pretty much narrates EXACTLY how I feel when I am stoned. The sound, the lyrics, and the whole blend with the "Legalize Marijuana"kinda irahing in and out and how it blends with "Legalize it!'



Its good music, but the moral and lyrics need work. YES ska is about making a change... but not a negative one. Although being honest I did love the song until the "Legalize Marijuana" line came up. It pretty much ruined the song for me. But keep up the good work, for it seems fewer and fewer peoplehave any idea what ska means.


This is the music I want to hear!!! Love you. :P