Reviews for "Legalize!"

this song kills

Finally some killer Ska!!!! My god if u guys had an album out i'd by it in a flash 1outta 10 good job!!!!


lol first one of your songs thats not a perfect ten i agree with walking corpe but i dident like the voice mixing 7/10

pretty good

everything was good
but i would have given you a better score
if it wasnt for the mixing
it doesnt sound as good as the idea looks
singer is perfect for the song
drums is pretty tight
bass too
you need horns for this song
and a part where you amp up the tempo
get really fast and upbeat
with HORNS!
keep doing what you do best


nice, good work. legalize today :D

looks weird but...

looks weird but still good. the backup vocals is kinda creepy man.