Reviews for "We Put The I in A.I.D.S"


HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE IN MUSIC. I don't like punk but this is really good. Seriously with the right promotion you could really go somewhere. You sound very original. And damn I love that message, I've been saying the same thing for a long time, if you go nowhere and enjoy it your better off than doing something you hate for the rest of your life.


This is one of the most kick ass songs ever. I like the Beginning through to the end. Good singer, guitarist, Drum, and bass. I mean, This has to be one of my favorite songs ever... I for see your band to kick ass for many many years.

Are you Against Me! ?

Might as well be!
Don't sell your soul like they did though.

Wrong catagory for ur music.

You guys really arn't half bad, but i really have to disagree with ur statement of being punk...You really don't fit that discription like in any way. You have a sort of half ass message placed in ur song. But punk rock is about nailing ur message home, which i don't feel you accomplished. Not a good genre to place urself in. I kinda take offense to it.

thirty-six responds:

who cares? anyone?


Talent dude. Amazing control. The whole ya-da-da-dab-da-da thinggg, HECK YEAH to it. It's holding up the bounce! I can't help but move my head to the beat. Love the beat..I think it's just me, because of my spectacularly horrible earphones, but the actual lyrics are difficult to understand, you are certainly a fast singer! CAPABILITY XD It can be used to your advantage (in the rap songs, amazing!) Creative band name, I must admit I have no idea what's with it...But anyways, cheers. (ps...nice song name! :p )