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Reviews for ""Alloy""

What software was used for the 3D animation? I can't imagine a whole lot was software was available to the poblic in 03.

MindChamber responds:

3Dstudiomax 3 I believe

Now I know why I like him so much. He (and this movie with the music and animation) reminds me of GetEd which I loved as a kid. Although the animation looks kinda weird, it WAS 2003. Great work.

MindChamber responds:

Never saw getED before that was really cool.. if you want to see a show that got even closer to what I was aiming for check out "IronKid"..
Also blueBeetle from DCU is pretty much Alloy at this point šŸ˜

good need a backstory of alloy and boom really good movie 4 stars

Wow, this was 2003! I can't believe the animation! Well, CGI was in most cartoons at this point. The music was great too. I admit it was short. It was still awesome.

I remember this character. Why don't these guys have their own section? This guy has a long history. At least there's a good number of views. It holds up.

I cant belive its already been almost 10 years! I was litterally 15 when I first saw this, cant belive I never remembered to comment! Still love the animation of this, still belive it should have been a tv series (as in kids WB at the time)

And Im glad to see you are still alive brother! Take care! Hope to see more projects from you for many more years to come!!!