Reviews for "Pokemon R/B: Battle Medley"


Nicely done.


this si a AWESOME remix =) i may use it in a video on youtube in the future, yes all credit will be givin to you. and if ya dont want me too use it let me know.

It really is an awesome mix of it!

You have my respect, sir. I have been trawling the Audio Portal for going on four hours, now, and this is the only song I have seen fit to add to my favorites. Good job.

Also, if you know where I could find an authentic version of the Mystery Dungeon theme, Mario's metal hat song, or his starman song, please contact me somehow! It would be much appreciated!


This is so win it's like combining the Yankees with Chuck Norris, Mr T, and summer. Lovin it!

*belly laugh*

*lol* awe *lol* some... *lol*

keep *lol* it....up *LOL!!!!*