Reviews for "Pokemon R/B: Battle Medley"



If only this came first...

then i would really actually try to fight instead of using that acursed action replay (it taunts me, just staring me from my desk... laughing...)


i have heard this battle theme so many times that it used to make my ears bleed, this remix may have saved the song

I have heard many remixes of the battle theme

But yours is the best I've heard so far. The song manages to keep to its nostalgia as well as sound all its own. I can actually feel the frantic pacing of a battle here, a quality which many remixes have failed to do.

5'd, fav'd, and DL'd.

dude.... THIS IS AMAZING!!

oh no....its all coming back to haunt me..... curse you pikachu... AND YOU TOO BIDOOF!
amazingly awesome... couldnt be better... thumbs up dude