Reviews for "Pokemon R/B: Battle Medley"

Brings back memories...

To this day, I love playing the first generation of Pokemon, and the music is a big reason why. The trainer battle and gym leader tracks are totally the best in R/B/Y, heh. This submission did a superb job in capturing the essence of first generation Pokemon, the one I grew up with...it makes me remember playing the ol' clunky Game Boys on the school bus in the morning, trying to catch the sunlight enough to play, heh.

I'm also very, very glad you included the Champion battle music in there, heh. Best music in ANY Pokemon game, in my opinion.

So yep, another masterpiece! Good work!


Love this keep it up!
Smart album artwork too!

pickleman77 responds:

Yep, the album artwork was one of my better ideas. I'm sorta surprised it actually worked!


you took a horrible song and made it into something almost audible!

pickleman77 responds:

-__- "Almost audiable"... =p


I hate pokemon, But I like the song!