Reviews for "Pokemon R/B: Battle Medley"

How great is this?!

Shoulda been in Fire Red or Leaf Green, way better than the original (and remake!) Great Work!

Good Times...

This reminds me of when i got my first Rattata... Good times..

Not to mention, good job!

Three Words: Smell Ya Later!

That Gary remix brought back memories of his cocky attitude that I loved to whoop.
And The Gym music was nostalgic as well.


This is really good i like that there are alot of them but lead into one another. Gary i will beat you. NNNOOOO pikapal!

This is really great!

While some remixes of game music are harsh and repetitive or over-the-top on the bass or different beats, this song has a great balance of all of the above. It does a fantastic job of incorporating the music from the game, putting a new spin on it, and still keeping the familiar sounds. Great job!