Reviews for "Lifetime (Extended Mix)"

Cool. Long song.

Well I suppose the preset sounds nice, but it would be better if you made the sample. Anyway, I like the 1:30 part of the song. Nice music to relax to. The drums sounds rather bland here. The composition sounds unique. Not the usual pattern of notes which I like. The song is starting to drag on a bit. You remain in the calm mood for a long time. Try to vary your contrasts. Jump into something hardcore to surprise/excite the listener. The song gets creepy at 4:10. Good, haunting synth. Hip hop modern now? Okay now you really got to get the song moving. It feels too slow. Vox would have been perfect in this section. Sorry dude, but the last 2 minutes of the song just bored me. Now, overally a great song. It is not easy making a long song with decent amount of diversity. I'll definately give you a 10/10 on effort. Despite the effort, I think the song lacked energy to keep the listner's attention span intact. I'll give you a 9/10 rev. or 9 stars so to speak.

I'm actually almost finished a long song (around 7 minutes) so when it comes out (probably this week) can you lend me your opinion? Bye for now.

Great job!

Smashingly smashing techno song.

its pretty good, but slow for a techno song

its kind of slow for a techno song, but i wouldnt call it a trance either. its kind of a hibrid. it also goes good with angry faic.

good job,


everything is sytrus presets... and default FL studio samples.

Amazing work.

I fell out of my seat rocking to this. No flaws. Good work!