Reviews for "Lifetime (Extended Mix)"

wow techy

sounded like Tech-Trance which I like.
Tech-Trance: hybrid between both Trance and Techno keeping some elements of Trance and some of Techno.

i like it.....

cool, i had to download it.........

i like it

This when i first listend to it it sounded alot like one of my songs (which isnt on here)(i havent submited anything for a long time) but mine was way more deathy i like this way better this is sick shit keep it up man

-Dj B Rizzle

long song do.ob

sounds great in the beginning, and more trancelike at 1:30, which i really like also. i really like the mixture of sounds you used.
i also really like the video game sounding things u used..i dont exactly know how to call them but you begin hearing them around 3:30...if any1 can tell me what they're called i'd appreciate it.
great great song, but it would have been better if it just ended at 4 mins. still 5/5!
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4.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.0042)

Good :)

Techno is ususally not ma kinda thing but this....this is summin else...w00t