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Reviews for "Long, Long Way"


omg, I need that presets.
I wanted to write a synthwave song for a long time,
but I haven't enough experience and sounds (presets).
Anyway, This song is sooo chilly.
I getting relaxed because of you

NandinAnubis responds:

You need to use SYLENTH1 plugin, Nexus and more, more, more VST plugins. If you nedd VERY 80s sounds, you can use plugin Synth.

This is what world peace sounds like

Sounds pretty good! I like the bell synths later on in the piece. Have you considered the description "Spacesynth"?

NandinAnubis responds:

No, I didn't consider this description, 'cause this track haven't got space subjects.

Intro has a nice vibe to it, however you seem to have slowly degressed through the first half of the song and just sounds the same. Dont be afraid to experiment because new mistakes can lead to new things. Other than that, the second half sounded great. Solid 4 stars :)