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Reviews for "Lead The Charge"

Definitely the type of sound that could lead you somewhere! Bad-ass work here.


Ritz190 responds:

Thank you! I'm hoping it does help me reach higher levels!


I'm gonna be hokage! (Bitch)

I would have liked if this was a lil bit more dynamic as it feels a bit too repetitive for it's lenght (it's mostly a thing about intense volume changes I would have liked to see, it's got some dcent variantion between slower and faster parts), but it's a very solid track anyway, it really has that heroic/climaxy feeling you describe on it.

Ritz190 responds:

And you're right! This song isn't somthing I spent alot of time on. Mostly just to get somthing down since I don't record nearly as much as I did years ago. Mostly for background music so being repetitive is the goal. I appreciate your review!

i really like the ideas in this one, some 80's helloween vocals would fit perfectly. Although the drums are a bit too loud, making the other instruments kind of fade out, and some reverb in them would definitely fit better in the song in my opinion, but overall it's pretty good

Ritz190 responds:

Thanks alot! I always have trouble with volume levels when it comes to drums and everything else. Songs like these are helping me sort that out. I appreciate your input!