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Reviews for "L. Mity - Spring Breeze"

Wonderful! You did a great job capturing the feeling of spring indeed. :)

L-Mity responds:

I'm so happy you enjoyed this song!
Thanks :D

My god, that piano sounds fantastic. This is so relaxing to listen to. I honestly don't even see an issue with this track. Amazing work right here.

L-Mity responds:

Thank you~ ≖‿≖

I like this song so much!
It's sooo harmonic, so Nature-Styled
I wanna to write songs like this!

but i need an advise:
Do i should to learn music theory?

L-Mity responds:

Learning music theory can help to make Piano Chords progression. Buuut, If you rely too much of theory, the song won't look naturally. (°ヘ°)

This song on piano is one of the best I have ever heard and I havent heard many. I love this song its amazing!

L-Mity responds:

luv u (〃・ิ‿・ิ)ゞ

This is so beautiful ;-; I wish I was half this good at composing

L-Mity responds:

Cheer Up! :3