Reviews for "a hamster's revenge"


I like all the music and, I thought this was one of the funniest flashes on NewGrounds! The only thing you should have changed was the music when the Hamster was after the Owner, that was a little annoying. It would have been a 10 if that was different.


that was one of the best and funny flash ive ever seen keep up the good ! i wouldv put 20 if i could

HeRetiK responds:

OMG! a dragonhamster!!! =D

Enjoyed this alot.

This was a very good quality movie. Thanks for submitting it. I recommend everyone to watch this. Nice work.

Fantastic! Nice music.

Lol. Wednesday was a helmet, just as I thought it would be! I thought he would run into the cage as well. Tuesday was probably my favourite. Lol. Great idea! I loved it how he trained. The punching bag was in synche with the music which was hilarious. How did he get to the beach though? And where did he get all that equipment? Who cares! It was funny, so I wont press ;-) Just fantastic. Purely hilarious.


PS: When I checked my favourite authors, it had Manuel_Fallmann as one of them with 2 HeRetiks. When I checked out the HeRetiks, they were you. The second picture on the wall was a monster standing on the newgrounds tank holding a sword named HeRetik. What's is the resembelance? And I'll take it that first picture was you and your dad about 14 years ago. Oh wait. Hang on a tick. I just finished watching. In the credits it said aka HeRetik. What does aka mean? It all makes sense now, except how both HeRetik and Manuel_Fallmann got onto my favourites list, and not only that, but there were two heRetiks. How did that happen???

HeRetiK responds:

aka means 'also known as'. but I don't know why you had two HeRetiKs. But the same happened to me too. I once had two Tom Fulps.

The monster on the newgrounds tank... well... this is a long story and has to do with the NG BBS.

PS: I am not Gary Coleman. and my dad isn't David Hasselhoff.

Hamster Style

Dude, that was cool. Kame kame hamster slap to the morons. Hehehe.