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Reviews for "Cecil VS. Link"

forget rydia

this was awsome specally when sephy came on the scene

feel on these

( . ) ( . )

This is great man,keep it up

I liked the bonus ending when sephiroth kills link and cecil and cecil ending wasn't bad either and I hope you keep up the good work man.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha this is so freakin funny!!!!!!!!!!

TheGoldCrow responds:



That was hillarius!!!!!! The graphics, even though they were sprites were realy good. Plus I liked the Choose the ending part. The music was accualy from final fantasy, and the "one winged angel" song was a nice touch

I remember this from when I was in 3rd grade

I hadn't played FF4 yet. or heard of Final Fantasy. I knew Link and the PBJ Time thing.

also, Link458745, no, Cecil doesn't know Firaga, but, then again, I doubt he knows how to summon Bahamut (who, in FF4, is the fucking God of the Summons!)