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Reviews for "Cecil VS. Link"


Nice job, hehe penut butter jelly time summon...no...the...bloody...chickens...I hate them...so much!!!!!....KILL THEM ALL...AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

who woulda thought?

i didnt think it possible,but that was really good and funny! why didnt you make the may cries like this? anyway good job, i especially like sephiroth:-) .......lol....mess wit da chickens and you get shot...lol

Oh God.

That brings back memories. I remember that exact room from Zelda, had one of those flail-wielding guys in it, a boss-guy.

The Link Victory owns. Woulda' been a 10 for style if you had the actual chicken attack with the screen-covering swarming attack, rather than that big mob of them traveling together.

i like cecil's victory

Peanut butter jelly time!!

Cecil was right

you do suck at animating :)

TheGoldCrow responds:

I know I agree too