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Reviews for "Cecil VS. Link"


unreal. 3 badass endings cucko chaos (pwned alot by that),
mr banana automatic props on that,but my man sephiroth took the cake awesome*starts singing one winged angel*


Link, FF4 , FF7. YAY.


this is so funny i like the sephiroth ending

Innacurcies abound

Cecil does not cast black magic, Cecil does not summon, however Link is a pointy eared faggot! Besides that you went with the retarded new versions of the spells, Firaga? WTF is that horse shit? Cecil would have used fire 3 if he had even used black magic. Words cannot describe how much I hate you. You're obviously a new FF fan trying to show off and use old sprites that you know nothing about.


the peanut butter jelly time summon has got to make you laugh lol!
truth is link could easily anihalate him in attack one(bombos, quake, or ether medalion) but who cares because that would spoil the fun. make another one that is a sequal link vs. some other charachter and link uses magic cape, his bow, ice rod and fire rod.