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Reviews for "Cecil VS. Link"



it sucked my nad sack

it sucked pretty damn bad until the peanut butter jelly time. that was kinda funny. but everything else was just plain queerified. thank you very much.

I dont care what anyone thinks :(

This is the greatest funniest movie's ever but i would love to know how u made it. Well i dont care it's the greatest and funniest of all movie's. You rule GoldCrow :)


pretty good. firstly,you chose a crappy background, with hardly anything to help the fight.adding things like barrels you can use would be good.most of the music was good but the link music could be better.id like to see the sprites be used more smoothly because they just moved about none of the legs moved or hands.the swords didnt slice,they could of been hitting each other with 2x4s for all we know.SCORE 2 OUT OF 5

Riveting, Reading down is a spoiler

I like to see who wins these fights! You can choose who wins. Realistically Cecil wins the battle because the Final Fantasy victory music plays twice! Sephiroth's intimidating music kicks ass!