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Reviews for "Everlasting"

The wait for new music was definetly worth! <3

Beautiful. It has a very uplifting air about it. ^_^

I really enjoyed this! There's so many things that are good about this piece, and one big thing coming to mind is the energy. Especially in sections like 3:24, there's so much that's going on that makes this an absolute jam to listen to. It even feels like this big journey, giving some relaxation before going right back into the swing of the piece. It has this heart that really makes it unique.
One thing I do want to mention is just to watch on some mastering aspects. Some of the sections with less going on have instruments that tend to clip (notably around areas like 2:57 and 4:47), so it's just important to give those a good eye when going through the overall mix.
Other than that, this is a wonderful piece of music. Welcome back, and great job on this!

Lockyn responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback - glad you enjoyed!

Best I've ever heard :o

Lockyn responds:

<3 <3 <3

Hey!! This is 8 minuts. This is so epic!!

Lockyn responds:

longest track yet!