Reviews for "Salsa gone wrong song"


Not as good as some of your other stuff, but i love how the song gets you into a nice and relaxed mood. great bass line also 5/5 10/10


the start was really slow, and i think the overall song wasnt fast enough for me. but i try not to rate things based on thier genre. so. ill give a... ... ... ... ... .... .......... 7.

Its Taken A While...

Third Review:

To be frank, the first time listening in on this, I wasn't impressed. But nor was I member of Newgrounds at that time. As in comparison to your other entries, it didn't have the amount of energy your other songs had, and I was immediately turned off by it. A sign of narrow-mindedness. But on the occasion, I've made myself listen to it again and again. And eventually...

One of those songs that starts off slow. Incredibly slow. And stays slow throughout. But with the added on beats, it sounds like the song's gotten faster and faster... in truth, though, its still going as slow as it used to be. That amazing diversity of being able to go slow and fast at the same time. Continuously, building up, more and more, until the initial interlude at the two-minute mark, before it began picking up again at 2:30~ you change it up, and soon again, change it up again and again.

So long, I've had mixed thoughts about it... I didn't even realize at the 3:50 mark, how the background 'bass' or whatchamcallit string instrument was already pre-ordaining the end of the song. Just one of those songs you have to listen to for a while... before you see what the author really meant. The mixing beats, the tempos...

Then I remembered Madness. Focusing too much on the song, and instead on the application, the imagination driving behind it. Because surely, every song has a story behind it, right? A large pounding of imagination and inspiration. What is the driving force behind a song, beyond the beats and rhythms?

You have to imagine maybe two Mexican dancers with some really fancy suits, reminiscent of some old tradition, a man and woman. Begin with the man slowly approaching the woman. They bow to one another, The man raises up his right hand, the woman her own. They take to each other, and immediately begin some really nice, back-and-forth fancy footwork. A slow spin. The camera goes about them, showing the seriousness of their faces. Some intent, coy look of sly enjoyment on the woman. The man with his mustache wiggling about looking extremely uncomfortable about the whole procession.

...The camera zooms out, revealing additional players. Its a mariacha band, but they're playing the music... the added effects. The dancing continuous, growing with intensity. The man is spinning the woman, but its becoming more and more obvious that its the woman, whose smiling is growing larger and larger, is the one in control. I'd go on, but the imagination has to play out for itself from there.

Took a while to grow to appreciate it, but I've waited for a while before giving fair judgment. I think I've finally found the core of the song, if I may be so bold... and personally, I like what I see. The title really sticks true, if you take everything into consideration.

---In other words:

:P This really is salsa gone wrong song.

5/5, 10/10

meh. nothing special

it doesnt have a good beat to follow along. and the blips get annoying after a while. refrain sounded pretty good though. maybe make a track round that.

cheshyre responds:

not a bad idea, thanks!

Reminds of Goa Trance.

I like it. Good to have variety.