Reviews for "[ANIMATION] Parasoul [SG]"

Parasoul: "i need you to take the shot."
hentai MC number 9801: "hit it and quit it."

Excuse me, princess, but this is a very good Skullgirls tribute!
Though I'm not the biggest fan of the fighting game genre, Skullgirls is one of my all-time favorite games; it's world, music, lore and loveable (and hateful when it comes to a certain egyptian psycopath) characters are some of the most detailed and wonderful I have seen in a while in the gaming sphere.
Ms. Fortune is my favorite character (best cat waifu <3); but how can you not love Parasoul, Crown Princess of Canopy Kingdom? And boy, I'm glad to see quality animations like this one about Parasoul.
The thing I like the most about this entry is how detailed and developed the animation is: we have three different focal points on the action, each of them wonderfully drawn and animated. The level of detail and production is outstanding. Another thing I like is the "oldies" vibe the animation has: I think that you have really managed to make the "old-anime production style" your own. I never thought it would look as good when merged with the Skullgirls Universe. Parasoul simply looks beautiful; and the fact that we can still se a bit of her facial expression despite her long red hair covering half her face is a very nice detail.
The animation itself is very fluid and nice to look at: ranging from Parasoul shaking her rump, to her (I assume) loyal soldier giving her what she needs, and finally, to her pleased expression, it is just beautiful to look at.
All in all, this is a wonderful piece of work. I concur with Combinecommando suggestion, you should do a series featuring the Skullgirls heroines. In all honesty, I'd love to see your take on Ms. Fortune. Marvelous work, bluethebone! :)

This is too great. You should make a team and get hired to make retro hentai. XD

You should totally do one with Cerebella making use of her hat in such a way. Hell, do a series, this is PURE GOOOOOOLD!

I see that "Excuse me princess" line! The look on her face at the end is super cute and lewd and I love it.