Reviews for "Star Wars Funnies: Obi Wan"

who you gonna call?

awesome comic strip man :D


Dude, really cool piece fo work. Liked your style, because of the simplicity of it. Very funny idea, and good drawing (a little cartoonish, very good for this kind of work)

I really don´t like to review so much, but yours deserved some comments. Oh, if i committed some mistakes, don´t mind. English is not my native language. :P

Background wasn´t so elaborated, but it was ok, because the part that required attention you could make up good!

Farewell bro, 9/10 (i just hate to give 10/10, because nothing it´s perfect, and mistakes are what make us better and better ^^ )



Very well made and good style and pretty funny keep it up!


Stabity ^^ I like it

ha! lol

dathvader is a chicken lol