Reviews for "Nitrome MUST DIEEEEE"

I like the Dick-A-Tron 6900, but it's over 4 inches, you can't bring it on the subway. MTA coming to get yo ass D':

I love Nitrome and this did put a smile on my face because its a classic

This is fucking sick, duuuuude

Ivan how do you make those backgrounds, goddamn son. Straight up making AMV quality stuff, stylistically speaking. But yo, the dude in the foreground kinda looks like a giant head with no body attached lmao.

Peace and love homie.

Why must it always be you that creates these amazing animations?! Seriously though, nice to see some Nitrome fan shit, barely ever see anything. Really cool effects, cool animation, and cool design. All AWESOME!! Keep it up, you crazy motherfucker <3