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Reviews for "Corruption"

fantastic mash and mix! an the only ever-so minor flaw I can find is the repeating sound that starts and loops for a while at 0:13. dont stop now!
also my digital war remix is also 150bpm lol

Vortonox responds:

oh I put that xd
thought it would sound cool

Awesome! I really like the vocal chops at around 1:20, but as FI-DMD said, maybe if you remake this song someday do something different with the looping sound at least when the drop isn't going and overall mixing-wise. Additionally, making it so the parts between drops are a bit more intense could do a lot of good. Still really enjoyed it :D

Vortonox responds:


Those vocals In the drop sound EXACTLY the same as in 0:25 in Megapixel.
Edit: I would fix that

Vortonox responds:

oh yeah lmao
Edit: maybe a VIP should work... soon... prepare on Jun. 1

You mentioned it's key yet many elements are out of tune. Pls stay in tune dude I'm begging you. Also, render your music to "leave remainder". You rendered it to "Cut remainder"

Vortonox responds:

Yeah ok.

Thx for feedback!

You have potential bro, thats true, but I think i have already told you to improve harmonic stuff. First of all, intro key is F Min. Drop seems to be in F min, but offbeats are in D min, thats a problem. Plucks are in F major, and you can not mix F major with F minor tho haha. Vocal chops of the break are off key too.

Honestly, you have potential in Dubstep, but you don't seem to manage to figure out how to use it :( anyways great structure and talk to me if you wanna help :)

Vortonox responds:

Yeah I always have problems :(
I will ask you for help (if you accept my friend request on discord)