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Reviews for "Corruption"


Vortonox responds:

this is old

Wow, the tune and dubstep sound really awesome together, and i'm glad you're starting to incorperate vocals into your song. however as many others have said, they're slightly out of tune to the rest of the song, but otherwise it's really nice. The end is pretty cool too, tho slightly repetitive throughout. overall it's just those two things and apart from that i would give 5. Nice

Vortonox responds:

Ty man for the feedback. :)
Yes, I'm still learning.

You mentioned it's key yet many elements are out of tune. Pls stay in tune dude I'm begging you. Also, render your music to "leave remainder". You rendered it to "Cut remainder"

Vortonox responds:

Yeah ok.

Thx for feedback!

I hear key misalignment, but the effects are well crafted. Very good! :)

Vortonox responds:

oh thx!

Those vocals In the drop sound EXACTLY the same as in 0:25 in Megapixel.
Edit: I would fix that

Vortonox responds:

oh yeah lmao
Edit: maybe a VIP should work... soon... prepare on Jun. 1