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Reviews for "Crono VS Everyone"



I remember in certain RPGs that, although a character can "equip" only 1 weapon, he and hold several of the weapon in reserve.


i liked it a lot.it had everyone in it.
i dont think he could kill sub-zero thoe :p

49ers rule!!
broncos too

Some things missing

I noted that Characters from Donkey Kong and Mario weren't included. I could have pictured Chrono taking down that big lizard and that stupid ape. Other than that I thought the movie was hilarious (Although may of my fav vg characters died) Keep up the good work.


Chrono Trigger is probably the best game out there, and someone finally has the sense to make a movie like this! Crono deserves some attention, and boy, does he get it here! This movie was awesome, and like other people, I can't wait for the sequel!


Man of MAN that kicked SO much ass! It kicked my ass! Its sooo fucking sweet! The appearance of Aladin made me fall out of my chair nearly! Just for kicks, you should have put in young Simba from "The Lion King" lol... or the older one to make the fight last longer.

Again, GREAT work! RandMatthew is right... is you put to many in there it will get old. But in my opinion, if it was a bit longer it would kick... uh... whatever ass that wasn't kicked.