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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "[ twisted realms ]"

music is thedescription of who u r...

now this is some song that i would love to listen to while i am doing anything...from having a party to cleaning after the party ;)

amazing work...love that 90's sound... and the synths are well blend...
needs few tweaks on the drums but shes a beuty.

keep it up....


boney-man responds:

I agree... this song is good for doing things. I had to do a book report this summer so I listened to this song while I did it, and now this song reminds me of that book lol.

Thanks for the 10!


the drums are awesome, some great breakbeats you got. the synth is very good and i actually like the repetiveness of the pass, it lies under the track well as everything else continues

boney-man responds:

Glad you liked it. More songs to come! I'll make another techno/dnb mix soon!


this song waz really gudd. i enjoyed it alot. but just as TMM43 said bass gets a bit repetative. hope 2 hear more!

boney-man responds:

Yes, repetitiveness is my problem. Ugh.

Thanks for the 10.

voted 5

Wow, very impressive song you've got here.
When you say "sort of a techno/DNB mix..." that's an understatement. This song IS a techno DNB mix.
Really great job man. This song sounds just great. Most techno/dnb mixes I hear are usually kinda bad, but this is awesome!! Nice work.

My only complaint is that the bass is really reallly repetative. Change it up a little. Other than that, impressive work my friend. Honest.

boney-man responds:

Once again, the repetitiveness. I really need bass lessons.

10/10... hmm... thanks. I have yet to make a solid DnB song. But Jala-Fox is helping me make a reese so we'll see what happens.