Reviews for "The Blood Tide"

Well it was kinda funny

Not much to say but it had something funny in it. But you could have left the pope without pissing himself.

T-H-I-S S-U-C-K-S !!!

T-H-I-S S-U-C-K-S !!! At no point did I know what was going on in this horrible submission. And you are racist


The term "epic" usually implies length. It also usually implies quality. At least coherence. If you entilted, "Random nonsensical stuff that I thought of while drifting in and out of conciousness and/or while high" then perhaps that might be a bit more accurate.

((( LOL )))

Ha somehow i knew your flash would turnout like this, crazy jpeg silly like, made me laugh gotta love ronald hehe...



Death isnt funny by default....

Do you think that you can kill a bunch of animals and people and think its funny just because it is done in a quasi-cartoonish fashion?
That was a waste of bandwidth and my time.
I just hope part two isnt nearly as bad.