Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"

Very Funky!

Sounds like something I would here in a Jazz movie. I like this.
I could use this if I were doing a "The Mask" flash animation!

The way JAZZ is supposed to be!

Really fun song! Funny really I also play the Tenor Sax! I really love listening to a good Jazz song once in a while but I don't think you have lived until you sit down with a group of people and improvise an entire song on the spot. This is what this song made me think of... brilliance on the spot because it doesn't seem to follow a pattern at all times. Very nice.


I like it. You could have added a simple bass line to go through for more effect. I especialy like the drums and all of the effects they do. Good work.

This IS jazz.

Don't take what the fella below me said to heart. This is a Jazz/funk mix and its pretty damn good for what it is. Hahah i like the authers comments on this and i can totally see where you went with tis. All in all lovely stuff!



Everything in this song just FITS, though I think it might be more along the lines of Murphy than Cosby.