Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"

Great Song, ive probs reviewed already.

Hey just thought i would check this out again, haven listened to it in a while. This song is really great, nice balance of instruments and some nice transitions through some varying styles. Keep up the good work, all my friends love this peice!!

Hey arnold

It reminds me of that show too

DJHarlock responds:

I love you

no offense or anything since its perfectly legal

but did you copy any parts from the song currently in 3rd place for jazz (this is #2) called "-Jazzy loop-" by Electronika? b/c it sounds like you expanded that song (it's older). but this kind of copyleft (creative commons) requires attribution.

DJHarlock responds:

Actually no, not only that but this song is a loooot older than the submission date, this song is circa 05'


666th voter!

Nice song. GROO-VAY

Hey Footballhead

Hey Arnold, thats what this peice reminds me of.