Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"


nice stuff. even with the mixing machine, sounds like a sexy detective song for videogames. belongs in an advertisement for something smooth. only criticism is that you could'av mixed it up a bit more. lacking some spikes in sound. for me, that is. nice work.

Holy Crap,TheEyeOfMusiK is right!

the guy who said it sounds like hey arnold is kinda right. It's a mix between some city Jazz and a bit of reggae sort of thing. NIIIICCCEEE!!


Yay for saxophones.

You run the jazz section

major respect bruh. lol @ da dude who said it reminds him of "hey arnold"


DJHarlock responds:


I can't believe my Ears

The production value on this song is amazing. I can't believe that this is on NG. I love the saxophone sound. I hope it the saxophone isn't sampled, because then I would feel that my experience was slightly cheapened. Either way though, this amazing.