Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"

Nice, but not jazz.

It's funk. It grooves, it doesn't swing. It has a strong backbeat and riffs that set it apart from jazz. There's no real chord progression as far as I can tell, and jazz generally employs a variety of chords.

That said, it's a good tune. Catchy, nice sax and guitar licks.

DJHarlock responds:

There wasn't a Funk section at the time this was submitted. If anything that warrants a cookie.


Smooth. Love it. The fills and solos from the sax are awesome, and I'm lovin' the conga beats and fills. Oh, and Omnigon, I'm not going to check out your work. a jazz musician could get down to any form of jazz. If you can't get down to this, whis clearly is pure jazz, I'm going to go ahead and say your "work" sucks.

This IS jazz.

Don't take what the fella below me said to heart. This is a Jazz/funk mix and its pretty damn good for what it is. Hahah i like the authers comments on this and i can totally see where you went with tis. All in all lovely stuff!


I have no idea which I admire more.

The song itself or the inspiration!



Put a smile on my face! Love this vibe. Gotta love sax.