Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"


this is a very good music!!!!!


Jazzy, and definatly catchy.

Btw to the guy below me.
You can tell him what he did, good for you.
Hey your being an a hole, i know this because your telling him what he did.
like that. dont be hating this masterpiece boi.

Music Maker 10 deluxe

You made this strait out of Music Maker loops. I used that program for about two years then got FL Studio. So your arrangement using loops isn't bad, but i did this about four years ago with no skill at all. I am glad that you have gotten more original over time. your newest music is good :). This song should not be rated as high as it is, you were not original at all. oh, well, you are lucky, they all fell for it, lol. here is on of my old songs from music maker loops http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/151080

DJHarlock responds:

:) Thanks for letting us all know you made that song using Music Maker Loops. *facepalms for you*


man i just got something to say youre very goood in these things this song rocks XD i just dont get tired of hearing it keep the good work ;D

just a word of advice

using loops takes no talent

DJHarlock responds:

Your Metal is fake music. :) I wouldn't point those kind of fingers pal.