Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"


It was alright. Some parts sound a bit edgy... Also You need a solid set of changes because some of it was a bit unchanging.. Like near the end you had the bass playing in C and the sax on G... sounded very strange... If you do it again you should ahve the guitar and bass doing a bit more than one or two little passages here and there....


I loved the bass. I can play bass like that. Very much fun. XD

Niiiiice :D

I loved the whole funk feel. Awesome sax, and kick ass percussion. Great job man, 10/10

I agree with below...

Though I kinda liked the 'horns'...I personally am not a fan of Jazz...but I will admit that it is not easy to make and I think that you did a pretty decent job overall^^


Very smooth.

Very smooth piece. I can't quite tell what you're using for recording, but I like it.

Standout Points:
- Excellent percussion and bass section. Very upbeat, but they still keep the groove without going to far off.
- Sweet bongos.

Negative Points:
- The horns are a bit to echo-y for my liking, but that's not really negative.