Reviews for "BackAlley Royale"


Oh so catchy so easy lisstening...da bass sounded awesome.... instant fave!!! cheers dude, fantanstic!

DJHarlock responds:

Why thank you!

This doesn't fit Jazz as much as funk.

I really like this song but when I listen to it I don't really get the Jazz label on it. It should be placed in funk really.

DJHarlock responds:

Duly noted.


I've heard this somwhere before...

nice mix of styles!

a very nice mix of styles indeed, its a realy enjoyable track, definetly worth lisnening to!

Quite the groove.

Like a funky mixture of Rappers Delight, Rasta, and jazz. A perfect blend. And that's without mentioning how overall old school it is. I loved it. Absolutely no complaints.